Welcome Rachel!

Many of you have been asking, "where's Paula"? Paula no longer works with us. Paula was an excellent worker, and will be missed. We wish her well in her future endeavors.

You may have noticed our new hire, Rachel, not to be confused with the other Rachel who has been with us for a year now. So, we'll call the new Rachel, Rachel #2. Rachel #2 only works a few hours a day, just to get us through the lunch rush, and to fill in when needed, such as illness or vacations. Rachel #2 is the extra hand to insure you receive prompt service. So, come by and help us welcome Rachel #2 to our team!

I (Roxie) will be your server in the mornings, and during lunch. Pop in and see me, for coffee, breakfast or lunch. I might even have a story of the day for ya'!

Thank you to all the customers 

that shared our Facebook post 

and came in to have lunch 

in support of a small local business! 

We appreciate you!


Privately owned restaurants like ours are struggling to compete 
with large restaurant chains. 
Those restaurants are less expensive to run because they get large food discounts.

Support your local business.
It benefits our local economy 
and we appreciate it!

Come in and eat before we all starve!
One lunch a week is all we ask!