I received an e-mail today from the library administrator. Apparently, after almost 5 years of my contract with the City of Salem to operate my cafe, I now have to reapply along with other interested parties by going through the RFP process as I did when I first applied to operate the cafe almost 5 years ago. Who does that? I have invested a total of almost 10 years in that little cafe (5 years working for the previous owner). I always derived such joy from my customers. I had a passion for creating recipes, and soups.

It's time to hang up my apron. I have decided to close my business. I will be having a sale next weekend to liquidate the cafe contents. What doesn't sell will be donated. I will be cleaning everything, and handing over the keys the following week.

After that, I plan on going to see my brother in N.J. who is in a care facility dying of stage 4 cancer.

Please stop by this week to say good-bye, and take advantage of our soup sale, or make an offer on decor items, etc. I will most likely be giving many of the tangible items.

Request for Proposal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Request_for_proposal